RED Camera Case

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This is one of our RED Camera rigidized aluminium case designs we manufacture.

The inside dimensions for this case are: 771 x 345 x 336mm (W x D x H) 

Its manufactured from 2mm rigidized aluminium with an Ethafoam insert.


  • 1x RED Camera
  • 1x RED 5.6in LCD Monitor
  • 1x VF
  • 1x Card Case
  • 1x Card Reader
  • 1x Balance Plate
  • 1x Monitor Arm
  • 1x Shoulder Pad
  • 2x Allan Keys
  • 2x Side Brackets
  • 1x Body Cap
  • 2x 304mm Bars
  • 1x Hand Held
  • 2x Cable Areas

Equipment shown in image is not supplied with the case!