Our Services

Flight Case Manufacture

We manufacture custom designed aluminium flight cases specially designed to fit your equipment.

Foam Inserts

We can design  foam inserts for any case or bag. These are made in-house on our CNC router.

PELI Cases

We can also provide PELI cases when you order any Foam Insert from us.

Custom Design Service

We can  add complex partitions, trays, brackets or other metalwork to any case based on your requirements

Refits and Repairs

We can refit any of your existing cases with new foam inserts and also offer a repair service should any of our own cases have been damaged  (for example new corners or fittings required etc.).

Metalwork fabrication

We can also fabricate using our fully equiped factory any other metalwork needs you may require. See our other sitewww.lemsford.co.uk/metal/index.html for more information